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Care and support

Mundesley Hospital and its dedicated staff team aim to offer excellent mental healthcare for people who stay and recover with us. By delivering a comprehensive range of person-centred therapeutic care packages and treatment programmes we hope to make a real and lasting difference for everyone we support. We aspire to put the needs of the people we care for at the heart of our service delivery and become trusted partners in their recovery. We strive not only to deliver first class healthcare but to continually improve the services we are providing. Mundesley Hospital are keen to become the leaders in private mental healthcare and offer these individuals the best possible outcome.

Privacy, Dignity and Respect

The Mundesley Hospital commitment to people who use our services:

We want to make sure that:

• We listen to individual’s concerns and make them feel valued and respected

• We show respect in the way we communicate with people

• We maintain confidentiality and do not share information about people without their permission

• We give people correct and sufficient information to enable people to make choices about their care and treatment

• We uphold high standards for people’s privacy and dignity and protect their modesty.

We regard our patients as guests as we want them to experience a first class service during the part of the journey we share with them towards their recovery. We have a system in place for each person entering our hospital to be welcomed with their family. We work with each individual to learn about their personal story and their choices around their care and recovery. That recovery is built on the notion that we believe people can achieve personal recovery and that together we can utilise the admission as the first part of that journey.

Mental Healthcare

Mundesley Hospital is an acute clinic unit which has been specifically designed and staffed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from mental healthcare issues. Our holistic approach is one of born from the experiences of our clinical care team and designed specifically to meet a wide range of individual needs using a variety of therapies and approaches.


Physical Healthcare

Physical health can be a major contributing factor to the mental well-being of individuals. We are committed to offering excellent physical therapies which work alongside and are integral to the treatment plans. Initial assessments will be made by our onsite GP and then fed into the team, forming part of everyone’s recovery plan.


Person-centred Care

Anyone who stays at Mundesley Hospital will be supported in a shared decision making process to ensure that they are held at the centre of every aspect of their care and support package.


Holistic approach

Mundesley Hospital is a unique facility offering a range of holistic therapies onsite and offer these as an integral part of our treatments. A holistic approach upholds the idea that all aspects of an individuals needs whether they be physical, psychological, spiritual or social, are vital, and that those needs should be taken into account and seen as part of the whole.



Administration, clinical and estate management
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