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Mental Healthcare

Mundesley Hospital is an acute adult inpatient mental health hospital designed and staffed specifically to meet the needs of individuals of working age (18-65) experiencing mental health issues. Our holistic approach is one born from the skills and experiences of our clinical care team expressly to meet a wide range of individual needs through an application of varying therapies and approaches.

We are committed to providing an environment where everyone staying with us is safe and well cared for, and are able to recover and move forward. This environment is one based on equality, quality and integrity. Our aim is to create and sustain that environment.

It is our belief that many factors contribute to an individual’s mental health and as such we are offering a unique person-centred approach. It is hoped that by doing this we are key in solving some of these mental health issues.

Our developed service forms part of a planned and integrated whole system approach to care which is delivered in conjunction with NHS mental health services. It is based on recovery model principles and good practice guidelines outlined in the Care Programme Approach (CPA).

Our recovery model is embedded within our CPA pathway where each individual owns their own tailored care package and can be equally involved in the assessment, planning and outcome measurement of that care package.

All the people who stay with us benefit from a shared approach where their treatment is therapeutic and promotes recovery. Individuals are encouraged to take ownership of their care within a collaborative relationship based on co-production and shared expertise. We also promote all aspects of health, including physical health, spiritual and social care needs and issues relating to risk.

Based on these assessments each person will jointly develop a treatment and care plan developed together with our clinical team containing therapeutic, physical and mental health strategies to aid their recovery.

It should be clear that there are also a range of interventions available whenever extra care is required. For example if the individual is at a higher level of distress or risk the interventions may include ‘extra care’ in the form of 1:1 support, ‘Time out’, Safe and Supportive Observations or additional medication. We are confident that we have an excellent dedicated and professional team who can discuss the best ways to deliver any additional care and support. Each patient will have the opportunity to plan extra care according to their needs and wishes.



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