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Holistic approach

Mundesley Hospital is a unique facility offering a range of holistic therapies onsite and offer these as an integral part of our treatments. A holistic approach upholds the idea that all aspects of an individuals needs whether they be physical, psychological, spiritual or social, are vital, and that those needs should be taken into account and seen as part of the whole person.

Mundesley Hospital is committed to a wide and varied programme of therapy, which could includes general exercise, moving towards more involved sessions like yoga, art and relaxation groups.

Plans for the future include a swimming pool and full gym where patients and community groups can access planned activities as well as use these facilities as part of their individual therapy programme.

A holistic outlook is discussed with the individuals as they arrive at Mundesley Hospital and personal preference is a large part of any treatment plan discussed and developed. Carers and family members can also be part of these discussions and may be able to take part in activities alongside patients if appropriate.



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