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Person-centred Care

Anyone who stays at Mundesley Hospital will be supported in a shared decision making process to ensure that they are held at the centre of every aspect of their care and support package.

As each individual arrives at Mundesley Hospital we hope to be able to offer comfort and support and a structured plan for recovery that is tailored to their specific need. The team surrounding this person, their carer or family members will be sensitive to their needs and get to know them well. Therapies, treatments and medication will be discussed and agreed with each individual and adjusted during their stay with us. We are a brand new facility and as such can offer an innovative and unique approach. Whilst we are fully regulated and inspected by the CQC and not only conform to, but in many instances exceed, the standards required we are not an NHS facility. We are not governed by NHS restrictive practices nor the volume and through-put of most NHS hospitals. We can adjust our offering to meet the needs of our residents seamlessly and with minimal effort and delay.

Our person centred approach matches our outstanding environment and clinical care team. We hope to help and support the many people who stay with us, as individuals, whilst they recover.



Administration, clinical and estate management
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