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Physical Healthcare

Physical health can be a major contributing factor to the mental well-being of individuals. We are committed to offering excellent physical therapies which work alongside and are integral to the treatment plans. Initial assessments will be made by our onsite GP and then developed further by the team and the individual, forming part of their recovery plan.

In many instances physical well-being has been overlooked as a contributing factor to a person’s mental well-being. Mundesley Hospital in its unique assessment approach gives physical health equal importance.

At the start of their stay, everyone will be assessed by an on-site GP who will complete a full physical examination. This assessment provides Mundesley Hospital’s clinical team valuable baseline data and information. By carrying out this assessment it will allow both the individual and the care team the best tools to support the recovery process.

All examinations are completed with permission and have respect and dignity as a key element of the process. Our experienced and trained medical practitioners offer highly excellent diagnostic skills which may offer insight into treatment care plans based on an individuals physical health.

By having a physical care team available everyone can be reassured that all physical factors affecting their mental health recovery are considered alongside treatments being offered; whether the treatment is physical, therapeutic or spiritual.

Physical exercise will be available on most days and will be offered to all via a suitable daily programme guide. Typically these are tailored to the needs of each individual and take into account their physical health.

Physical activity programmes have shown benefits such as increased energy levels, better self-confidence, a feeling of  achievement and sense of purpose. Often it gives our residents a helpful structure for the day.



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