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Q: Is Mundesley Hospital a Secure Unit?

A: No, Mundesley Hospital is not a Secure Unit. It is a unit for individuals suffering from acute mental health issues. As part of the care we offer and the safeguarding and health and safety policies we have security as a number one priority and offer safe accommodation.

Q: Will Mundesley offer support for drug and alcohol dependant treatments?

A: Currently this service is not available. We may look to offer this in the future dependant on need, so keep in touch with us.

Q: How do I get admitted?

A: Currently anyone staying with us would be admitted through a GP referral. Contact your GP as a first step.

Q: Can my family visit me?

A: Absolutely. Clinical staff at Mundesley Hospital will ensure that carers and family members are not only kept abreast of treatment plans, but become an essential part of the recovery process.

Q: Food is often rubbish in Hospital. What’s your plans?

A: Key for Mundesley Hospital is delivering the best quality food and drink for the people staying with us. Our good quality food will be available not only at set times, but can be asked for anytime of the day.

Q: How many beds will you be able to offer

A: We are offering 27 beds. Our intention is to add capacity to the hospital in the medium to long term depending on the need for acute beds.

Q: Are the beds in wards and how many per ward?

A: We have individual ensuite rooms for anyone who is staying at Mundesley Hospital. We have 2 floors which are divided up into smaller suites. Our rooms are laid out with between 4 and 6 rooms per suite.

Q: Will I have a number of nurses look after me?

A: Yes, everyone will have a named nurse who will be their first port of call. Information will be shared amongst the clinical team, but each individual will have a few key people assigned to their recovery programme. There will be staff in close proximity at all times.

Q: Will I be able to go outside whenever I want?

A: We have extensive grounds for walks and exercise. Everyone will be able to access these areas and the private courtyard garden as frequently as possible, and accompanied by a member of staff.

Q: When can I visit?

A: We have set visiting times for family members and friends. Visiting is available on weekdays 6.00pm – 8.00pm and at weekends and Bank Holidays 2.00pm – 4.00pm and 6.00pm – 8.00pm.


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